Rachel Hubbard

Freelance Writer


I have been writing ever since I can remember whether it’s telling stories to my sister when we were children or writing for the school magazine or just for pleasure. I’m currently studying English Literature at university in Scotland where my family home is.

I find myself frequently inspired by the past and the idea that life back then was ‘normal’ and is no longer. There are so many events in the past that have influenced our current living and yet certain aspects of society are effected more than others. The interaction that we have with not only our past as a country but our past within ourselves fascinates me. 

In my writing I endeavour to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. I have a love of art  which often means that I start a story with just an image in my mind which then comes to life on the page. The strength of my visual mind has lead me into script writing which I have been cultivating for almost a decade.

I hope that my work sticks in people’s minds, even if just a phrase or a scene. The gift of literature is treasured throughout my family and what a treasure it is!

Short Stories