Written by Andria Reber


Mina - one

 ▪ | dream world: moon | ▪


Dreams are never the same for me

 Every night it's something new But tonight's dream is different He saw what I saw

He dreamed what I dreamed



 In my dream, the moon flickered as if it was a flashlight

 On and off; on and off

 And I can't stop staring at it I almost want to touch it Maybe he does too…


Kai - two

| dream world: moon |

Mesmerising me

 I didn't know how to react

 How do you react when the moon starts to flicker?


That was when I saw her

She was in my dream

They say you can only dream of the faces you see in the real world

But I've never seen her before

I don't know her

Yet somehow... I felt like I wanted to



Mina - three

| dream world: moon |


The moon continued to flash on and off

That was when he averted his gaze from the moon to me

 He was staring at me

I didn't know what to do, so I just looked away

Pretended that I didn't see him

But I think he knew



Kai - four

| dream world: moon |


She saw me

She definitely saw me

But why is she pretending that she didn't

Maybe she's shy?

Or maybe it's because I'm a stranger

I don't know

I just hope I didn't scare her


She hid behind the strands of her hair

As if it would make her invisible to me

Or maybe she woke up



Mina - five

| dream world: cloud |

 I sat there

High above the ground

On a cloud, surrounded by many more

I breathed quickly and my palms began to sweat

I didn't stand up

But I did look down



I wish that I hadn't


Kai - six

 ▪ | dream world: cloud |



I saw her sitting on a cloud not that far from me


I wanted to reach out to her

So I did

 I held out my hand

 And she held on as I helped her up

 She thanked me with a smile on her face

 "Thanks, uhh..."

"Kai," I said, "And you?" "I'm Mina,"

She still seemed uneasy

 I wonder why



Mina - seven

 ▪ | dream world: cloud |


"Are you okay?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow. No, I wasn't

He chuckled, "You're a terrible liar, you know?"

 "Okay okay, I have a fear of heights. And I'm kind of freaking out right now." His face softened, "Oh..."

"I think I know how to help," he smirked.



Kai - eight

 ▪ | dream world: cloud |


"I think I know how to help you conquer your fears." Worry spilled across her face.

I don't think she trusts me. I mean, why would she?


"It's only a dream. I bet that if we jump, we won't fall through the clouds." "Umm... what?"

"We are already standing on them, it should be fine if we jump. Just think of the clouds as fluffy mattresses!"

 If she didn't trust me before, she definitely didn't trust me now

"Uh, yeah - here take my hand." I held out my hand

But I wouldn't blame her if she didn't take it


Mina - nine

| dream world: cloud |

I took his hand

I think he was surprised that I did

I mean...

I was surprised that I did



He better be right about this

I'm terrified of heights

Just the thought of looking down and realising how high you are

And that you could fall with one slip of the foot


Holding his hand helped

 I don't know why

But I felt just a little bit safer... Just a little



Kai - ten

| dream world: cloud |

That was when we jumped

She squeezed my hand harder as we landed

She was definitely terrified

I don't think my idea helped her conquer her fears


Her grip softened and she let out a sigh of relief Phew!

"See, no big deal!"

 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a small bit terrified too

After a while, we continued jumping on the clouds

The clouds were our marshmallow trampolines

It was a lot of fun

She started laughing and enjoying herself

 I think she was finally getting over her fear

I was proud of her



Mina - eleven

| dream world: cloud |

 We sighed, exhausted after jumping on the clouds for a while

 I don't know how long we were jumping for, but it felt like forever

 Which I wouldn't mind



 We plunked down on the clouds and stared up at the blue sky

 Laying there was pretty nice

 As we started talking, I forgot about how high up we were

I became curious to get to know Kai

 I asked him one question

 And I think he was stumped by it

 “So, can you tell me something about yourself?"



Kai - twelve

| dream world: cloud |


She wanted to know about me? Why?

"Uhh, well, I'm a photographer."

Her face beamed brightly, "Really?"


"What do you like to take pictures of?" At that moment I turned to her

It was the perfect picture

I held my hands in a square and tilted my head, "Perfect!" The clouds in the background framed Mina just right. "Scenery. That's what I take pictures of."

I think I made her blush



Mina - thirteen

| dream world: sunflower |


I was in a new dream world tonight Sunflowers spread across the great field I brushed my hand past the flowers

And let my hair flow in the wind as I strolled along

This was paradise


A while later, I heard singing

But it was quite soft

More like humming

"Kai, is that you?" I asked.



Kai - fourteen

| dream world: sunflower |


The field of sunflowers was beautiful

I hummed a song I wrote when I was younger

No one knew the melody or lyrics except me

I thought I was alone, but then I heard a voice

"Kai, is that you?" Mina called out.



I immediately stopped singing

I glanced around and Mina was nowhere in sight

 Where is she?

That was when she sprung out from the tall sunflowers and said, "Hey!" "Oh hi... Um... Did you hear me?"




 Mina - fifteen

 ▪ | dream world: sunflower |

When I was alone, I picked a sunflower off its stem

I placed it behind my ear

It was very soft

And it tickled my ear when the wind blew



For a while, I danced around the sunflower field

I thought I was alone, but I wasn't

 Kai stood nearby, observing the sunflowers

Our glances met and I smiled at him... He smiled back


 Kai - sixteen

 ▪ | dream world: sunflower |

I admired how it looked on her It was another perfect picture Just her and the sunflower

When she glanced over at me, I held up my hands in a square

 As if I was taking a picture of her

She quickly looked away

But before she did, she smiled Mina thought I didn't notice... But I did


 Mina - seventeen

 ▪ | dream world: sunflower |


We shared dreams for a while now

I didn't know Kai much, but we had become good friends

As we met in our dreams at night,

I grew curious to know if he was real


 Kai joined me in the sunflower field

 We greeted each other and then I asked, "Kai, do you know why we are here?"

 He replied, "No, but I know that I am dreaming and that you are in my dream with me." "You know that you are dreaming?"

"Yes, do you?"

 "Well, yes, but I thought I was the only one that realized when I am dreaming." "Well I guess you aren't the only one."



 Kai - eighteen

 ▪ | dream world: sunflower |

 I know that I am dreaming


I am aware that I'm in a dream world that only exists in my mind

I made a name for it

The people like me

Many call them lucid dreamers... I call them something else


Mina and I are different

 We aren't like everybody else

 She wanted to know what I called them

 The people like us

 "I call them drifters," I said.

"Drifters, huh?" She paused and smiled, "I like it."



 Mina - nineteen

 ▪ | dream world: sunflower |

 I was back in the field The sunflower field But this time

I was alone


The dream world was different

 No sunshine, no pretty yellow sunflowers

Just a rainy and dark day with wilted plants scattered across a brown field

 For once, I really felt alone in these dreams

 Kai, my friend, was gone


 Kai - twenty

 ▪ | dream world: cloud |


I am in the clouds again

I thought she would be here

We were supposed to meet in our dreams each night

That was what we did

We drifted through dream worlds

 And talked

We just talked



I wanted to see her again

She was my friend She understood me But she was gone

My true friend was gone



The end
| dream world: reality |

 It was a Saturday morning.

 Mina yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Clank! Clank!

She heard a hammer against wood coming from outside the house. "What is going on?" she thought as she sat up on her bed.

After getting dressed, she walked downstairs and spotted her parents having breakfast in the kitchen.

 She greeted them and headed for the front door.



She spotted a man hammering away at the railing of the front steps.

A woman, presumably his wife, was speaking with a man in a blue jacket that was holding a clipboard and nodding his head to whatever she was saying.

A figure emerged from behind the truck with a brown box that was so large, it covered their face.

Mina greeted the lovely couple and they told her that she should meet their son. The figure dropped the box inside the house and approached Mina.

"Mina?!" the figure was surprised.

"Kai?" Mina took a moment and glanced around, making sure what was happening was truly reality and not just a dream.

"I'm moving in!"

Mina's eyes grew wide.

"Hey, neighbour!" Kai beamed, "I believe we have already met."



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