The Meeting

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Miriam Espacio

Photograph by Miriam Espacio

Leo massaged the back of his neck, thankful the meeting was finally over. Now his real work could begin. He always felt so damn stupid hiding his true skin underneath a human mask. Long ago, Leo had vowed in his heart that every last one of them would pay. That was the day that began his master plan.

'The earth will again be ours!' He bragged to his mother as she welcomed him home that day after work and he entered his bedroom, located down in the basement. Strange how she had shook her head so sadly at him, he thought as he descended. Maybe she had turned against the cause. It would seem fit since she had married and bedded one of them. A hated human man who liked to call himself "Leo’s stepfather". Ugh, another bastard of a flesh creature intent on conquering and rubbing Leo's kind out! Yes, that had to be it! She has turned! He would have to kill her!

Leo scowled as he gazed at his reflection in the mirror. It still puzzled him how, even alone, he could not remove his human mask. The one time he had tried to take it off with a Butcher’s Knife from the kitchen. His mother and "stepfather" had called the Human Flesh Cops and sent him away. All part of the human’s plan to keep him down... or something more nefarious. He still was not sure he wanted to know, no matter how curious it made him. Maybe it was for the best to hide out like this in plain sight. Heaven forbid someone walk in and find him in his true skin. He could not help his people if he wound up a prisoner of the flesh creatures' so called "Government."

His skin broke out now in a cold sweat as a thought he had not entertained in quite some time took a monsterous hold of him. Dear God! What if it was true? What if he really was just a man gone mad? Just one of them? The hated flesh ones. No! It could’t be! He would’t let it be! Would he? Did he even have a choice?

As Leo swallowed down his daily pill he smiled and began to calm. How silly. Of course he was’t human. He was the leader and savior of the fallen alien race. Didn’t all the voices he heard in the night say just that? As he heard his mother call him to dinner, he even started to whistle. All was well. He would enjoy the night, reading his comics and watching the Sci-Fi channel. Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. That would be soon enough to finish plotting how he was going to end the reign of the dreaded flesh creatures starting with his mother and "stepfather."

Oh yes. Starting with them.

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