The Treasure Huntsman: The Oblitus Heart - Part I

Written by Samuel Gaitskell


David, Julia, Nathan and Ryan cautiously walked along, David aiming his torch forward, as they ventured deeper into the underground city of Oblitus. It had been a good few years since they began this little treasure hunt, and after countless false leads, they’d finally found the fabled buried city.

The group wandered through what looked to be a long since abandoned street, lined with ruined, ancient buildings of stone and wood. Statues of sorts were found on just about every corner, depicting what looked to be gods of some sort, though time had worn away most identifiable features. Hell, time had worn away just about everything down here.

'Could we please take a break soon?' asked the ever impatient Ryan, drawing deep, heavy breaths. The group had been walking for a good few hours at that point, so a break did seem necessary, even to David, who had proven to be nothing but stubborn not only on this trip, but ever since Ryan had known him. All Ryan needed to do was throw the slightest of nods to David before he collapsed onto the ground and began to rummage through his bag for something to eat.

'What are we looking for?' Nathan asked, as he took his seat on a crumbling stone wall. 'I mean, I know we’re looking for the lost treasure of whatever, but where would that be? The middle of the city? At the far end? Hidden inconspicuously in an ancient toilet of some kind?'

'I doubt that it’ll be in a toilet,' Julia chuckled, 'Considering that, according to our research, this city was made centuries before plumbing was around. They probably just threw their waste onto the road.'

Ryan stiffened a bit, realising that he was sitting on the road that more than likely was once covered in an ancient civilisations "leavings", so to speak. Still, unsurprisingly, it didn’t seem to dampen his appetite in the slightest, as he still shoveled various sweets into his mouth.

'Ryan, honestly, couldn’t you at least try to eat healthily?' Nathan sighed, looking down at his fellow treasure hunter. 'We’re searching for ancient treasure, not having a quick lunch break between finger painting and nap time.'

'Hey, this has a fruity gel in it!' Ryan argued, holding up some sort of candy in protest 'Fruit is healthy!'

'Flawless logic,' Nathan said with a roll of his eyes. 'Honestly, why are you even here? I doubt that we have much use for such a bumbling, childish arse such as yourself-'

'Can you two please spend just ten minutes without going at each other’s throats?' groaned David, looking between the pair, before his eyes rested on Nathan. 'Ryan is here because we need him here, just like we need you. He’s not going anywhere, no matter how much you want him to. So would you please kindly suck it up for the sake of everyone’s sanity?'

Nathan begrudgingly mumbled an apology to Ryan, who surprisingly didn’t bother to gloat too much, before the group was left in silence. Julia spent her break reading away at some sort of leather-bound book, Nathan and Ryan spent theirs in silence, Ryan quietly eating, Nathan keeping a cautious eye open, and David spent his time idly enjoying the silence.

'Did… guys, did you see that?' Ryan suddenly began, a level of panic in his voice which seemed to spread to the others. Ryan quickly shot up onto his feet and pointed into the inky blackness ahead of them 'Over there, I could have sworn that I saw something moving.'

David cautiously raised his torch and swept it along the general area where Ryan gestured, to find nothing more than decrepit, dusty ruins. The group carefully studied the scene for several moments, before deciding that, in reality, nothing was there.

'We should get moving again.' The now slightly paranoid David said, hopping to his feet and throwing his bag back over his shoulder, the others following his example. 'Just… keep an eye open, everyone.'


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