The Wedding

Written by Caleb McLemore 


'My fucking head.'

Clark stumbles out of bed and slowly makes his way to the bathroom. He opens the medicine cabinet and grabs the aspirin bottle. He takes a couple, fills a cup by the sink with water, and takes a drink to wash it down. He walks back towards his bed when he notices a very beautiful woman sitting on it.

'I don’t have time for this,' said Clark.

'Oh. That’s a real shame since I’m here and ready to go for you.'

Clark takes a moment to realize she is naked.

'You seem curvier than usual.'

'It’s all for you. Isn’t this how you like me?'

She begins to seductively crawl on his bed towards Clark. She stops at the edge. She lays over the edge of the bed on her back. She lifts he legs up and spreads them as far as she can.

'You always were a fan of how flexible I am.'

'Go away.'

The woman flips over on the bed with puppy dog eyes.

'That’s no way to talk to someone you love.'

She gets on her knees and looks around. She gets off the bed and walks to the trashcan in the corner of the room. She looks inside and has a naughty smile.

'Based on the tissues in here, it looks like you’ve been thinking about me a lot.'

'I told you to leave. There’s enough on my mind without you making things worse!'

The woman looks at Clark, offended.

'What? Is there something going on that I’m unaware of?'

She looks towards his desk and she sees a letter. She walks over and looks at it.

'Oh… that’s right. Today is that day.'

She spins in a circle and suddenly is in a wedding gown. She is a spectacle of beauty. Clark looks away in pain at the sight.

'You can’t even look at me like this can you? Why not? Aren’t you happy for me? I’m finally happy.'

'If I say yes, will you finally leave me alone?'

'If you could let go of me that easily, you would have done it by now.'

Clark turns around to try and collect himself. He feels anger and pain. His eyes begin to tear up, but he quickly composes himself. He can’t allow himself to be seen like this.

'Of course I am happy for you. All I have ever wanted was for you to be happy.'

The woman begins to laugh while wagging her finger at him.

'That’s a half-truth you’ve been trying to pass off for years now. Do you want me to be happy? Sure, but you leave out the convenient detail that you want that happiness to include you as the significant other.'

'Well…yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, but that clearly wasn’t mutual.'

'Then why do you stick around?'

'I don’t know. Maybe I thought things would change.'

'As the dress shows, you clearly wasted your time doing that. By the way, why aren’t you at the wedding?'

Clark takes a deep sigh as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He fumbles with it until he reaches an email. He reads it out loud.

'Hey Clark. I know that by now, you’ve received the invitation to the wedding. I wanted you to get one as a sort of peace offering, but unfortunately, you can’t come. My fiancée would be rightfully furious over your arrival due to our… intimate past. I’m really sorry, I wish you could be there.'

Clark puts the phone away as a couple of tears roll down his face. He didn’t want to remind himself of this terrible situation.

'Wow,' said the woman in a mocking tone, 'is that how far you’ve fallen with me? I sent you an email? No texting or phone calls? I used to send you topless pictures of myself at random and now… this?'

Clark glares at the woman. 'Stop trying to boil everything between us down to something sexual. You know damn well it was far more than that.'

'Ehh… maybe for you it was.'

This surprises Clark. 'What do you mean?'

The woman laughs. Her wedding dress turns into a skintight shirt with very short shorts. She walks over to the chair at Clark’s desk and takes a seat.

'Let’s see… we started as regular friends in college. I have a nasty breakup with my boyfriend at the time. We realize we have A LOT of sexual tension, so we get it out via foreplay and the occasional fucking. Fast forward past college. Every time we get together, we end up having sex regardless of whether or not I’m single at the time.'

'I was against that part.' said Clark in a weak attempt to defend his honor.

'Right, I remember that. The whole, "we can’t be doing this since it means you’re cheating on your boyfriend." I broke you of that pretty quickly.'

Clark slumps his head down. He knows she’s right. He goes over to his bed and sits.

The woman continues. 'So we have this sort of friends-with-benefits-thing going on and I decided to stop that when I found someone that could benefit me more than just the occasional great night of sex. From my perspective, it seems like I was only in it for the sex that you have always been more than happy to supply.'

Clark begins to sob. 'I’d like to think it was so much more than that though.'

'Why’s that?' says the woman who is getting annoyed with Clark. She gets a sick smile on her face. 'Is it because I was the first woman you truly fucked?'

Clark’s head snaps up, 'Of course not!'

'Holy shit! You are suffering from first fuck syndrome! You’re like a teenage girl that can’t figure out why she can’t leave her prick of a boyfriend!'

The woman begins to laugh. Clark, now boiling mad, stomps over to the woman, and grabs her by the wrist and brings her in as close to his face as possible.

'We both know that isn’t the case with me. Everything was going just fine until that day in the park. You know it. I know it. The fact you were the first woman I had regular sex with wasn’t a factor whatsoever.'

Clark lets her go and she fall back into the chair. She processes what Clark said for a moment.

'I remember that day. That’s the day when you stopped being Clark in my eyes. All you did was remind me of… him.'

'You compared me to a monster!'

The woman looks guilty, 'It wasn’t anything you did though! I was being triggered about events in my past…'

'That doesn’t matter!'

Clark stands up and for the first time in a long time, is taking charge.

'I did nothing but shower you with love, compassion, and empathy for your struggles and how did you reward me? By using me as some sort of booty call for whenever you got bored with your fiancée? Does he not pleasure you enough in bed or did you get some sort of sick thrill out of triggering yourself when we had sex?'

'Clark, I’m a figment of your imagination. I only know what you know, so how could I possibly answer any of those questions?'

Clark looks down in frustration. He knows she’s correct, but those questions have been burning in him for years and now the wedding makes it clear he’ll never get answers to them. The woman isn’t going to let Clark off easy.

'So what’s the plan then Superman? You going to wait it out in hopes I get divorced so you can swoop in and save the day? I could finally be your Lois Lane.'

'…no.' says Clark weakly.

'I’m sorry hun, you’re going to have to speak up when defending your terrible choices in people.'


The woman leans back in the chair in shock like as though a strong wind blew through.

'You want me to answer you? Sure, let’s give you an answer. I hope you have an amazing marriage, complete with many memories, kids, pets, vacations, and everything else that would create the ultimate Disney ending!'

The woman leans forward in the chair, 'Why on earth would you want that?'

'Because I love you. How many times do I have to say that?'

The woman stands up and walks over to Clark. She alternates talking between each ear as she seductively moves around him.

'Since you created me, I know your thoughts. You feel like you got screwed because you were the sacrifice for my fiancée. You did all the work and he’s reaping all the benefits. How could you possibly want happiness for me after that? Don’t you want me? You know how much fun we have together.'

The woman grinds against Clark and begins rolling up her shirt. Clark pushes her onto the bed.

'Yes Clark! You know this is truly want you want!'

Clark begins to take his shirt off, but stops. He puts his shirt back on and falls to the ground sitting. The woman is furious.

'What is wrong with you?!'

'Sorry. You can only hump a pillow so many times before it gets old. You aren’t real, remember?'

The woman stands, almost turning red in anger, and changes back into the wedding dress to hurt Clark.

'Is this better for you then? The culmination of all the years of work, friendship, sex, and relationship with me all done away by the simply mutter of two phrases? Saying, "Yes" to the ring and then saying, "I do" at the ceremony? You know I’m having sex with him right now, right?'

'I’m sure you are,' says Clark as he gets up. He cracks a smile. 'I think about that a lot actually, so that’s nothing new, but I think I finally understand you.'


'Will another woman come into my life someday and make everything between us ancient history? Maybe, but I’m not assuming anything right now. All I know is that I love you and the fact you are happy is good enough for me.'

The woman notices her hands are beginning to fade.

'What’s happening to me?'

'It seems I made a breakthrough. I know that the hurt I feel from you choosing another over me isn’t going to go away for a long time, but that’s okay. Part of being human is dealing with hardships and actually experiencing the emotions attached to them. It helps reach a good place and who knows, maybe even move on.'

The woman looks down and half of her body is completely gone, she’s beginning to panic.

'But what are you going to do? You’ve spent so much time and energy into trying to win me over. You are just giving up on all of that?'

'I don’t know what I’ll do and honestly, I like the thought of not knowing. I never planned to meet you in the first place and look at the adventure that unfolded from that. Perhaps another woman will provide the same thrill, with hopefully better results. But no, I am not giving up on you. I told you, I love you.'

The woman’s arms are gone and only her head and chest are left. 'How can you still love me? You’ve lost. You wasted years on me that you’ll never get back.'

Clark, with a confidant smile, says, 'That’s the funny thing, if you truly love someone, then it was never wasted time. Love doesn’t have to be a two way street. It’s ideal, sure, but not required. I will always have a place in my heart for you and while the hurt from your wedding will take time to heal, I know how I feel about you and that isn’t changing. There’s just one thing I regret with all of this.'

The woman is almost completely gone, but manages to say before disappearing, “…and what’s that?”

A tear rolls down Clark’s cheek, 'I didn’t figure this out sooner so I could tell you in person.'

Clark looks around to an empty and silent bedroom. He has a happy smile for the first time in what seems like ages. He checks the time on his phone.

'Glad that aspirin finally kicked in.'

Clark plops on his bed and quickly falls asleep.

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