Simone le Roux

Senior Writer


Simone is fresh out of an early quarter-life crisis and ready to take on (some of) the world. As both an optimist and a know-it-all, the natural thing for her to do is write about the feelings and facts she finds interesting. It’s for these reasons, too, that Simone likes editing the submissions that we get at Forge And Flint. She loves telling people when and why they’re wrong and she genuinely likes helping people improve their writing and doing what they love. It’s a perfect combination for her, really.

Having earned a Medical Science Honours degree, Simone is always excited to explain tricky biological concepts, debunk poor movie science, and rage at anyone still using the “you only use 10% of your brain” malarkey. She does her best not to sound condescending – she doesn’t always succeed.

Simone also makes up one half of the It’s Not That Bad Podcast, which combines her loves of wine, bad movies, talking about bad movies and trying to be nice. When not watching movies for the podcast, Simone can be found curled up with a nice horror movie/show/podcast/book. Anything creepy, really. She can also be spotted trying to kick ass at krav maga classes and frequently being chided for not being aggressive enough.

It’s okay, Simone, we love you anyway.

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